bad_botbWe are Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC, specializing in the manufacturing  of airsoft guns and accessories. Bingo Airsoft Designs grew out of the experience from doing custom airsoft gun modifications through Bingo Airsoftworks (

After doing over a 1000 custom airsoft gun installations and extreme modifications, it became apparent that there had to be a better airsoft gun solution, one that provided top notch performance and was easy to maintain. Those desires led to the creation of the Advanced System line of airsoft guns, starting with the Bingo Airsoft Designs Advanced System 5 (BAD AS5) airsoft gun. The patent pending Advanced System line of airsoft guns features an integrated BB storage, automatic BB feed mechanism, and simple and tool-less disassembly.

Our goal at Bingo Airsoft Designs is to build airsoft guns and accessories that are high performance, simple to maintain and different than all the rest.¬† Most of all, we want to build airsoft guns that are fun to use! We want to bring the “fun” back into airsoft. We accomplish this by being one of the first companies to extensively use 3D Printing for production manufacturing; not only for airsoft guns but also for the parts and accessories you need to make your airsofting experience better. Bingo Airsoft Designs, building the future of airsoft!

The new webstore is now online. Click the Store link above. Keep checking back as more products will be added to the store over the next few days.

Wholesale/dealer accounts are available. Contact for more information.

Stay tuned for more (and significant) updates to this website. Very exciting products coming soon!

NOTE: Bingo Airsoft Designs, LLC deals only with airsoft parts and equipment for the airsoft hobby industry. The equipment is designed to for 6mm plastic BB projectiles, used in private outdoor and indoor sports play arenas. We do not sell, modify, or manufacture any real firearms, accessories or equipment.